Saturday, December 22, 2007

Xiotel Residence

Xiotel is a hotel, apartments homes and residences owner and management company in Chios. It has years of expertise in hospitality and leisure sectors but also in the fields of homebuilding and home maintaining and provides services to european and domestic clients.

Xiotel Residence offers Apartments and Homes for summer rental and Long stayers rentals as well real estate services in Chios.

More details about the offers Xiotel has can be found on their site through their contact form.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stone Apartments in Avgonima

Twenty minutes from the centre of Chios and after the eye gets satisfied from the panoramic view of town, the Byzantine greatness of the Monastery, the green landscape of the "Provatas" and the wild beauty of the scenery, there pops up the medieval village of Avgonima.

With the back to the mountain, the look to the immense light blue of the Aegean Sea and the memory rested on the past, it welcomes the visitor in the peacefulness of island's architecture and the magic breeze.

There in the place that makes you believe that from the next narrow street suddenly appear the Saracen pirate and from the small windows you will see the beautiful girl embroider her dowry waiting for her beloved one ...


You came to smell the magic of moment
to enjoy the calm
to live in the peacefulness
and you will live ...

The stone apartments in Chios can provide all the comforts so that you can enjoy your holidays in a quite and peaceful place.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Vroulidia Beach

Vroulidia is a small beach covered with small white pebbles with clear waters that are usually very cold.

Its location at the edge a cliff makes the scenery breath taking.

Its situated at the most Northern part of Chios island, only 5Km away from the port of Emborios.

Try to avoid visiting it Sunday since it gets very crowded.

Chios video site

A new site - chios video - has made its appearence recently with videos of interesting sightseeing and other areas of importance in Chios.

The site is setup such that anyone is able to register and upload their favorite videos about Chios. The authors of the site also allow anyone to incorporate any video into their website.

Every video has an embed code under it that the interested webmaster can copy and paste into their own websites.

Browsing throw the site I discovered this video of emborios from the mountain of profitis ilias and I embeded it here.

Saturday, June 30, 2007


Nagos is in the North part of Chios and its full of life in the summer months.

Nagos is famous for its tiny but wonderful beach which is made of small white/grey pebbles and clear and chilly waters. A few taverns are situated 10 meters away from the water and attract a lot of customers.

Haus Fay Chios Apartments/Studios

Haus Fay Chios is a family owned and operated accommodation in Emborios Chios. It has 12 comfortable rooms and its located on the main square of Emborios. The beaches of Mavra volia and Foki are a walking distance away.

For more information see the official site for a tour of Emporios a map of Chios, photos of the apartments, prices and reservation information, as well as car and moto rental in Chios

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Chios car rental agencies


114, Aegeou Ave Kokali, 82100 Chios
Tel. (+30-22710) 41277, 23556

56, Aegeou Ave, 82100 Chios
Tel. (+30-22710) 20160, 21604, 41031
Fax: (+30-22710) 41443

3 Eug. Chandris Str., 82100 Chios
Tel. (+30-22710) 29300, 23205
Fax. (+30-22710) 23205

For more chios car rentals

Chios motorbike rental agencies


2, Koundouriotou Str., 82100 Chios
Tel. (+30-22710) 42423, 27758, 31358, 32690

Karfas, 82100 Chios
Tel. (+30-22710) 31461, 28050

Karfas, 82100 Chios
Tel. (+30-22710) 32654, 25789, 24968

Monday, June 18, 2007

Komi beach, local youth hangout

Komi beach is a sandy beach with shallow waters to the south of the island. Its located 4 Km south of the village of Kalamoti, and 2 Km East of the port of Emporios

It is a very popular beach among the local youth, and it has a lot of restaurants, studios, rooms to let and beach bars.

Giorgos Studios, Karfas budget accommodation

Giorgos Studios is located in the area of Karfas, 300 meters from the beach of Karfas. It has 8 reasonably priced rooms/studios with sea view that can accommodate up to 4 persons.

For prices and reservation information please contact the owners at +30 22710 31635

Medieval Castle Suites Hotel in Mesta

Medieval Castle is a complex consisting of 14 suites scattered inside Mesta, a medieval village on the island of Chios. The Hotel offers a distinctive combination of 14 th Century's elements, modern equipment, luxury and comfort.

To see more photos of Mesta or photos of the Hotel suites or to arrange for reservations please visit the official website of the Hotel or call +30 22710 76345

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Chios Dolfins Studios, an exquisite view of Karfas

Chios dolfins is an accommodation of Studios and Rooms in Karfas. Its located on the side of the hill of Karfas overlooking the beach and the shores of Asia Minor and a walking distance away from the center of Karfas.

The available rooms and studios can accommodate from couples up to 5 people from April till the end of October. For further information or reservation requests please visit Chios Dolfins Studios.

Villa Stella, monthly rental in Karfas

Villa Stella is a family house on the side of the hill of Karfas overlooking the beach of Karfas. The house is available for rental throught the year. It has two seperate apartments that can comfortably accommodate families with up to 5 members.

Reservation arrangements can be made directly with the owners

Tel:+49.160.735 3390

Karfas beach

Karfas lies 5 Km south of Chios Town. The sandy beach with the shallow waters and Karfas' proximity to the town of Chios make this one of the most sought tourist destination on Chios island.

Many hotels, rooms to let, restaurants, bar, car rentals, gift shops have spawn in the area of Karfas in the recent years in order to accommodate the needs of the ongoing visitors of Karfas. Still the area has not lost its village feeling and every year it gets more attention of native and turists alike.

Karfas beach is one of the few places a visitor can rent canoes, windsurfs, rides with waterskis and other popular water commercial water activities. The beach also has a volleyball court that anyone can enjoy for free.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Vroulidia beach

5Km away from the village of Emborios lies the beach of Vroulidia; It is a small but popular beach covered with small white pebbles with clear waters that are usually very cold.

Its location at the edge a cliff makes the scenery breath taking.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Themis Studios, budget accommodation in Emporios

Themis studios is a family owned and operated accommodation in Emporios Chios. It is situated on the side of a hill overlooking the port of Emporios, just 50 meters from the beaches of Mavra Volia and Foki.

It has 6 comfortable studios to accommodate you in a quiet family establishment.

For availability and reservation please contact Themis Siderakis at +30 22710 71810

Monday, May 28, 2007

Mavra volia and Foki

Near the village of Emporios lays the beaches of "Mavra volia" and Foki. The beaches are both covered with black pebbles (mavra volia) created by the volcanic activity of the now extinct volcano of Psaronas. The Genoese used these black stones to pave their yards for their houses built in the Kambos.

The beach of Foki is the one that the local youth chooses for swimming

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Mesta is one of the best-preserved medieval villages in the south of Chios. The village was established by the merging of smaller Byzantine settlements (14th-15th century ) during the period the Genoese dominated Chios.

Mesta lies southwest of the town of Chios, 35 kilometers away, in the area of Mastihohoria (meaning the “mastic villages”) where the mastiha trees grow. It is a perfectly preserved castle village dated to the medieval period. The houses were built one right next to the other, thereby creating a protective wall surrounding the village.

The open-hearted and kind people of Mesta still preserve the traditions of the 14th century village. The village’s most important custom takes place during the carnival festivities where the “Aghas” trials, a satirical replica of the trials that used to take place under the Turkish Occupation, are presented.


Emborios is a port that lies in the vicinity of Mastichochoria 5 Km from the village of Pyrgi. It's one of the most unique places of Chios and of Greece in general. Its name shows that it was a trading center in Antiquity. Here was the settlement of Lefkonio (3.000 BC), traces of which were found during recent excavations and are now being exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Chios.

Nowadays the small picturesque and historical port of Emborios, there are plenty of taverns, restaurants and rooms ready to offer the visitors some quiet and relaxing vacations. Besides, Mavra Volia is considered to be the best beach on the island, if not one of the most exquisite, and it is only in a short distance from the port of Emborios.

Travelling to Chios

Travel to Chios By Plane

One can either take the plane from Athens (Aegean Air or Olympic Airlines) or in the summer some charter planes departing from major european capitals. There are regular flights between the following European capitals

Charter flights to Chios

Hellas Wings From Oslo Norway directly to Chios Greece once a week

Jet Air From Brussels Belgium directly to Chios Greece once a week

Martin Air From Amsterdam Holland directly to Chios Greece once a week

Lauda Air From Vienna Austria directly to Chios Greece once a week

To Chios By boat

An alternative would be to take the boat from Piraeus, Lesvos, Kabala, Samos, Rodos or Cesme (Turkey). A very useful site to find boat schedules is Greek Travelers pages.
Some of the most often used routes
Pireaus (port of Athens) to Chios
Chios to Pireaus (port of Athens)
Lesvos (Mytilene) to Chios
Chios to Lesvos (Mytilene)
Samos to Chios
Chios to Samos
Ikaria to Chios
Chios to Ikaria

A little bit about Chios


Chios or Khios is an island in the North East Aegean Sea a few Kilometers off the coast of Turkey, (take a look at where Chios is located on the map). Its the 5th largest island of Greece with a population relatively small (around 50,000) with a considerable amount of immigrants to different parts of the world, Athens and the rest of Greece. The capital is also called Chios or Chora; it is a port and the island's chief town. The island is famous for its scenery and good climate. Its chief export is mastic but it also produces olives, figs, and wine. Its an island that has kept its traditional character intact, due mostly to not being a very popular tourist destination.

Chios' History in brief

Archaeological research on Chios has found evidence that the island has been inhabited since at least the Neolithic age, with cave dwellings at Hagios Galas and the settlement and accompanying necropolis of Emporio being the primary sites of research for this period. It was noted in antiquity as Homer's birthplace. It was colonized by Ionians and became subject to Persia in 546 BC. Though later a member of the Delian League, it revolted several times against Athens. It prospered successively under Rome, Venice, Genoa, and the Ottoman Empire. During the Turkish occupation (Ottoman Empire), there was a massacre of the islanders after a rebellion in 1822, depicted by Eugène Delacroix in his famous artwork at The Louvre. Chios rejoined the rest of independent Greece after the First Balkan War (1912).

Source on Chios

Chiostrip association of rooms to let and apartments in Chios

Chios trip is the official website of the association of rooms to let and apartments in Chios. The visitor can choose from the map of Chios the place they would like to stay and they will get a listing of all the available places that they can contact. The list is somewhat outdated but still a good reference for anyone that wants to find a budget accommodation in Chios.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Chios Travel

This blog is written in the hope of being helpful to the visitors who travel to greece, its like a traveling guide like so many others with the exception that this one is dedicated to the island of Chios.

If you have been in Chios or know about Chios and you are interested in writing about it leave a comment on this post and I will be notified about it.

If you have had a good time / experience in Chios and would like to share it with us we will gladly post it.

Even if you had a bad time we will post it but try not to insult people or businesses directly, otherwise we will have to do some editing to your post.

If you are an accommodation manager or owner and want to post a review to promote your accommodation, we will be happy to post it.

I you have specific questions about Chios or your future trip to Chios try to post on the most relevant topic and will try to anwser as soon as we can.

The more people that get involved in this endeavour the better this guide is going to become, so don't be afraid get involved.

Travel links

Links of useful websites about Chios

Chios trip the official association of rooms to let and apartments of Chios
ChiosNet another travel guide about Chios

Travel guides
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