Thursday, July 12, 2007

Vroulidia Beach

Vroulidia is a small beach covered with small white pebbles with clear waters that are usually very cold.

Its location at the edge a cliff makes the scenery breath taking.

Its situated at the most Northern part of Chios island, only 5Km away from the port of Emborios.

Try to avoid visiting it Sunday since it gets very crowded.

Chios video site

A new site - chios video - has made its appearence recently with videos of interesting sightseeing and other areas of importance in Chios.

The site is setup such that anyone is able to register and upload their favorite videos about Chios. The authors of the site also allow anyone to incorporate any video into their website.

Every video has an embed code under it that the interested webmaster can copy and paste into their own websites.

Browsing throw the site I discovered this video of emborios from the mountain of profitis ilias and I embeded it here.