Saturday, December 22, 2007

Xiotel Residence

Xiotel is a hotel, apartments homes and residences owner and management company in Chios. It has years of expertise in hospitality and leisure sectors but also in the fields of homebuilding and home maintaining and provides services to european and domestic clients.

Xiotel Residence offers Apartments and Homes for summer rental and Long stayers rentals as well real estate services in Chios.

More details about the offers Xiotel has can be found on their site through their contact form.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stone Apartments in Avgonima

Twenty minutes from the centre of Chios and after the eye gets satisfied from the panoramic view of town, the Byzantine greatness of the Monastery, the green landscape of the "Provatas" and the wild beauty of the scenery, there pops up the medieval village of Avgonima.

With the back to the mountain, the look to the immense light blue of the Aegean Sea and the memory rested on the past, it welcomes the visitor in the peacefulness of island's architecture and the magic breeze.

There in the place that makes you believe that from the next narrow street suddenly appear the Saracen pirate and from the small windows you will see the beautiful girl embroider her dowry waiting for her beloved one ...


You came to smell the magic of moment
to enjoy the calm
to live in the peacefulness
and you will live ...

The stone apartments in Chios can provide all the comforts so that you can enjoy your holidays in a quite and peaceful place.